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Add to Calendar 2021-07-21 09:30:00 2021-07-30 02:41:18 AI, Data & Robotics - Horizon Europe - Information & Brokerage Event <p>The AI, Data and Robotics Association (Adra) in collaboration with the European Commission and and the Ideal-ist network are organising an information day and brokerage event on 21 July 2021 on Horizon Europe Cluster 4 calls for proposals.</p> Ideal-ist Europe/Chisinau public
General pic 2023 4th “Walk & Talk” Webinar


Date: 06/07/2021, 11:00 - 17:00

Add to Calendar 2021-07-06 11:00:00 2021-07-06 17:00:00 2023 4th “Walk & Talk” Webinar <div class="tribe-events-single-event-description tribe-events-content"> <p> 2023 just launched our 4th “Walk &amp; Talk” Webinar for 2023, it will take place next <strong>06th of July at 11am (CEST)</strong>.</p></div> Ideal-ist Europe/Chisinau public


Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Date: 03/07/2021 - 10/07/2021

Add to Calendar 2021-07-03 09:00:00 2021-07-10 17:00:00 NANOTEXNOLOGY 2021 <div class="clearfix field field--body"> <p><span><span><span><span><span><span>NN International Conference is a world-class event in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies established in 2004.</span></span></span></span></span></span></p></div> Thessaloniki Greece Ideal-ist Europe/Chisinau public

EEMA 34th Annual Conference 2021


Date: 29/06/2021 - 01/07/2021

Add to Calendar 2021-06-29 11:00:00 2021-07-01 17:00:00 EEMA 34th Annual Conference 2021 <h2 class="newsroom-item__subtitle"><span>One of Europe’s most important events in the information security, identity, and trust</span></h2> <p> </p> Ideal-ist Europe/Chisinau public
MWC 21

Mobile World congress 2021 Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Date: 28/06/2021 - 01/07/2021

Add to Calendar 2021-06-28 09:31:00 2021-07-01 17:00:00 Mobile World congress 2021 Barcelona <p>The 2020 edition of the MWC was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The next MWC is scheduled between the 28 of June and the 1st of July, 2021. The 2021 lead theme is “Connected Impact” as a reference to the virus.</p> Barcelona Spain Ideal-ist Europe/Chisinau public
HE digital ID+BE

Horizon Europe Info Days 2021


Date: 28/06/2021 - 09/07/2021

Add to Calendar 2021-06-28 09:00:00 2021-07-09 17:00:00 Horizon Europe Info Days 2021 <div class="ecl-editor"> <p>Following the policy-related discussions during the <a href="" target="_blank">European Research and Innovation Days 2021</a> (23 &amp; 24 June), the 10-day event of Horizon Eur</p></div> Ideal-ist Europe/Chisinau public

Photonics for...Water


Date: 24/06/2021, 10:00 - 12:00

Add to Calendar 2021-06-24 10:00:22 2021-06-24 12:00:00 Photonics for...Water <p><strong>The Photonics for… 2021 webinar series will look at photonics technologies in a variety of sectors and applications.</strong></p> Ideal-ist Europe/Chisinau public

ISC 2021 Digital


Date: 24/06/2021 - 02/07/2021

Add to Calendar 2021-06-24 09:40:05 2021-07-02 17:00:00 ISC 2021 Digital <p>THE EVENT FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING, MACHINE LEARNING AND DATA ANALYTICS</p> Ideal-ist Europe/Chisinau public

Horizon Europe Digital - Face2Face Brokerage


Date: 24/06/2021 - 25/06/2021

Add to Calendar 2021-06-24 00:00:00 2021-06-25 23:45:00 Horizon Europe Digital - Face2Face Brokerage <div class="v2-page-content"> <div class="v2-page-content-section"> <p><a data-mce-href="" href="" rel="nofollow">Ideal-ist, the network of National Contact Points for ICT research</a><ins>,</ins> in cooperation with the <a data-mce-href="/ictproposers&lt;/body&gt;&lt;/html&gt;"></a></p></div></div> Ideal-ist Europe/Chisinau public

Launch Event - Photonics Partnership in Horizon Europe


Date: 23/06/2021, 12:00 - 16:00

Add to Calendar 2021-06-23 12:00:00 2021-06-23 16:00:00 Launch Event - Photonics Partnership in Horizon Europe <div class="content-short fs-highlight sp-default"> <p>Due to still uncertain times we decided to have a larger digital event to update the photonics community on the new Photonics Partnership and Horizon Europe.</p> <p>The event will take place on <strong>23rd June 2021 at 12pm</strong>.</p></div> Ideal-ist Europe/Chisinau public

European Research and Innovation Days


Date: 23/06/2021 - 24/06/2021

Add to Calendar 2021-06-23 00:00:00 2021-06-24 00:00:00 European Research and Innovation Days <p class="ecl-u-type-paragraph">European Research and Innovation Days is the European Commission’s annual flagship Research and Innovation event, bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe and beyond.</p> Ideal-ist Europe/Chisinau public
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World Sustainable Energy Days

Location: Wels, Austria

Date: 21/06/2021 - 25/06/2021

Add to Calendar 2021-06-21 09:00:02 2021-06-25 17:00:00 World Sustainable Energy Days <h1>21-25 June 2021, Wels (AT) and online</h1> <p><strong>Boosting economic recovery with the energy transition</strong> - this is the focus of the next <a href="" target="_blank"><b><u><font color="#0066cc">World Sustainable Energy Days</font></u></b></a></p> Wels Austria Ideal-ist Europe/Chisinau public