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Participant Portal Partner Search

Find partners for your project ideas among the organisations registered in the Participant Portal, developed by the European Commission. Enter a keyword or a topic of a past call for proposals, for finding related organisations. Search by geographical criteria or by types of organisation. Search by call topics where organisations have participated or expressed interest in participating in the future. Find out more:

Brokerage Events

Ideal-ist, the network of National Contact Points for ICT research, in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network often organises brokerage events with pre-arranged Face2Face meetings.

Profiles and ICT expertise, innovation offers and innovation requests are always available as a database full of powerful information.

Check out the latest brokerage event(s):
- ICT 2018 – over 1500 partners,  700 project cooperation offers, 1100 expertise offers on the marketplace

Information Days and Relevant Events

Information days and relevant events offer an excellent opportunity for featuring your project ideas and identifying cooperation partners for upcoming funding opportunities offered by the EU's Horizon 2020 Programme in information and communication technologies and their application areas. The information days will cover the priorities and main aspects of the calls for proposals, evaluation and award process, and will also give tips on how to prepare submit a successful proposal.

Ideal-ist curates a list of such events:

Find out more:

Digital Innovation Ecosystems & other funding sources

Are you looking for a faster and easier way to get involved in Horizon 2020 and the European research and innovation ecosystem?

Many running projects offer funding opportunities for innovative ideas embedded in dynamic digital ecosystems. In addition, these initiatives offer access to facilities and competence centers to help you experiment with the latest digital technologies.

Find out more on our Other Funding Sources page:

Relevant Stakeholders Groups

Different stakeholders groups and forums may guide you in the identification of the activities and related target groups relevant for your proposal. Find partners for your project ideas and check the latest documents developed by the different stakeholders forums! Find out more:

* The current edition of the Partner Search Facilitation service is based on the APIs of the participant portal. Ideal-ist is actively pursuing the inclusion of other services.

The Ideal-ist NCP Network facilitates access to funding opportunities of European Framework Programmes and the communities actively engaged in Information and Communication Technologies and their application areas. Ideal-ist offers a Partner Search Facilitation service: a one-stop-shop linking to all online partner search forums. The service offers search features for partner searches that are available for online republication.*

With this service, Ideal-ist aims to increase the visibility of ICT related research ideas in Europe and optimize the networking between research organisations, universities, industry, public authorities, and end users.