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04/04/2020 OrganoTherapeutics Luxembourg Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Our expertise is in the field of Biotechnology and IT based data analysis. We use cutting-edge human-specific brain organoid technology (mini-brains) for the discovery and development of effective drug candidates. We screen new molecules on our proprietary human-specific brain organoids which represent a model mimicking human disease pathology. Additionally, we have developed own machine learning (artificial intelligence, deep learning) algorithms for image analysis and data analysis.
03/04/2020 EYRODIAKRISI TECHNIKES - MICHANOGRAFIKES LYSEIS EPE Greece Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
EuroConnect can provide Greek Municipalities or/and Universities) to your consortium. Please contact [email protected] in case you are interested to include EuroConnect or a Greek Municipality/Partner in your consortium.
02/04/2020 INSTYTUT CIEZKIEJ SYNTEZY ORGANICZNEJ BLACHOWNIA Poland Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
We are looking for a consortium and a proposal regarding development of technology for production of biofuels via hydrogenation and hydroisomerization of vegetable oils, animal fat and other types of fatty acid esters. Our experience allows to obtain both, valuable biocompontent of diesel fuel and jet fuel. We are looking for partners to develop a commercially available technology using propiertary hydroisomerization catalyst and to conduct a application tests of developed biofuel.
02/04/2020 ATE Consult EOOD Bulgaria Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
We are SME in based Varna, Bulgaria. Or main activities are marine inspections, inlc. audits (Safety, Security and MLC, 2006 related), port agency, elaboration of FCPs, BWMPs, SEEMPs, etc., ship-management and technical services, incl. ship surveillance, repair work, ship surveys. We also have expertise in ISO consultancy and certification. We have experience in EU project preparation and management on national level (Bulgarian Operational Programmes).
01/04/2020 TURKKEP KAYITLI ELEKTRONIK POSTA HIZMETLERI A.S Turkey Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
We are a company which provides registered electronic mail (REM is legally valid) service and value added services of REM, electronic signature and electronic document management systems. We are well-versed in legal regulation and international standards about them. We can provide expertise in these areas.
Please contact us : [email protected]
01/04/2020 XILAR TECHNOLOGY SRL Romania Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Xilar can bring the following competencies:
1. Hardware Design: PCB, Schematic, Power Supply, NFC Design; Design for EMC/EMI; Digital&Analog Electronics Design
2. Hardware Testing: Power Supply, Signal Integrity, Power Distribution Network Testing; Support for EMC Testing, etc.
3. Software Design: .NET, Python, C/C++, iOS&Android app, Node.js, MySQL, HTML5, etc.
4. Software Testing: Software, Mobile apps, Cyber Security Testing
5. Mechanical Design for Manufacturing & 3D Printing; 3D Modeling
31/03/2020 CONFINDUSTRIA TOSCANA SERVIZI SOCIETA CONSORTILE ARL Italy Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
CTS is the operating arm of Confindustria (the main Italian business association) regional branch.Our support relates to innovation management and development (value creation, digital transformation,investment projects evaluation, new methods and processes analysis and development, tutoring and mentoring,international networking development),training and education.Sector of action:made in Italy,fashion,food and beverage,tourism, mechanics, energy and environment, chemistry, paper, life science.
28/03/2020 Retinas Arastirma Gelistirme Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi Turkey Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Retinas is a tech company that provides software development services in the fields of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mobile App Development, Web development. We have a great background and experience in immersive simulation technologies. We're already a member of a couple of consortiums. We are looking for projects and consortiums to provide our expertise in related fields. For more information please visit or contact with us [email protected]
27/03/2020 Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Ferrara Italy Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
The Laboratory for Nuclear Technologies Applied to the Environment of INFN-FE offers its consolidated expertise in the integration of automatic sensors for remote gamma, thermal, infrared and RGB acquisitions and in analysis and management software development.
In previously founded projects with national and international collaborations, we validated multiparametric detectors in real-world working conditions and in different fields (precision farming, extractive industry, radioactivity surveys)
27/03/2020 ELVESYS France Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Elvesys is a French innovative SME dedicated to MICROFLUIDIC FLOW CONTROL instrumentation. We can design the specific microfluidic system that will meet the needs of your application (e.g. cell culture, drug testing, lab-on-chip, point-of-care, diagnostics ,chemical reactor, µfuel cell …). As the WORLD’S LARGEST PRIVATE MICROFLUIDIC LABORATORY, WE ALREADY BRING OUR EXPERTISE TO MORE THAN 30 EUROPEAN H2020 PROJECTS. Our company's mission is to boost discoveries in all fields of science by provi
24/03/2020 Proteona GmbH Germany Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Single Cell Analysis, mRNA Seq, Proteomics, Bioinformatics:
Proteona offers single cell genomics and proteomics analysis of clinical samples including liquid and solid tumors. Working closely with leading clinical centres in Heidelberg, Tübingen, Singapore we focus on Multiple Myeloma and other blood cancer patient samples and complex bioinformatic patient stratification, clinical monitoring and therapy decision and development.
24/03/2020 ABALONYX AS Norway Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
We are a Norwegian SME specialized in production of Graphene Oxide (GO) and derivatives of GO in kg scales, have a wide portfolio of customers from energy storage, composites and coating industries as well as research laboratories, involved in 14 different EU and Norwegian projects in which our role has generally been to prepare and optimize our GO and derivatives for the specific target applications, interested to join innovative projects.
23/03/2020 Besti Fabio Italy Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Fabio Besti Interdisciplinary Design uses design to foster innovation inside consortiums. We specialize in creating strong visual identities and developing all communication materials needed to deliver impactful projects (for recent references, see SMART-map and CHROMIC projects). Other services: Website Design & Development • Social Media • Video & Storytelling • UX & Interface Design • Visualization, Product & Concept Design • Workshops & Training. Check our profile:
17/03/2020 SENSICHIPS SRL Italy Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
SENSICHIPS develops learning microsensors for health and safety. A multi-sensors microelectronics platform achieving utmost integration, miniaturization and low power consumption. Orthogonal sensors are combined with versatile and sensitive signal conditioning mixed signal electronics into a single chip sensor with IA classification algorithms. The chips target chemical/gas, CBRNe detection for wearable, robotics, (micro)drones. See demonstration video at:
16/03/2020 Almond (Cellari) Denmark Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal is a Danish med-tech company interested in joining a consortium and offering the following:
A) AI-based image recognition and analysis
B) Secure data storage services for research
C) AI-based virtual tissue staining to optimize pathology workflows, decrease the usage of chemicals, and improve patient sample accuracy and response speed
11/03/2020 Feelif d.o.o. Slovenia Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Feelif is a successful Slovenian SME, providing software development services in field of accessibility for blind and visually impaired, interactive education, digital learning, accessible cultural heritage and health.
We have a great background, experience and strong team. We are already a member of a couple of consortiums and are looking for projects to provide our expertise. Contact us for more information: [email protected]
06/03/2020 Mandalah Europe GmbH Germany Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
We offer a close look into the human side of technological innovations. What are the human pain points around the challenge you are aiming to solve? How can context & emotional knowledge improve the acceptance of our solution? What else does our solution need to offer to actually meet needs? Mandalah supports not only in answering those questions through qualitative research but also uses the generated insights as the foundation for co-creating solutions in multidisciplinary workshops & sprints.
04/03/2020 NEXTGENRND OÜ Estonia Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
NextGenRnD solves problems encountered by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories and universities, non-profits and other organizations large and small. Radically new technologies of future available now as ready-made solutions ( The solutions created by NextGenRnD dissolve the boundaries between formulated technology concept and its experimental proof resulting in seamless Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 2 to TRL 3.
02/03/2020 CHERKA TROVA Bulgaria Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Cerca Trova Ltd is a high-technology industrial SME founded in 2017 with capabilities and expertise in the areas of Industrial Automation, Internet of Things, Measurement Systems, Data Acquisition, Advanced Materials, Technology Design Tools, Mathematical Modelling and Interactive Educational Programs. We are looking for projects and consortia to provide our expertise. For more information please visit
01/03/2020 Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Group S.r.l. Italy Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
GEEG (Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Group) is a Startup Company of Sapienza University of Rome founded by Professors, Researchers, Engineers and technicians aimed at sharing the knowledge acquired in years of research activity in the field of civil, environmental and chemical engineering and in the field of chemical treatment of soils.

GEEG develops:
- laboratory/on-site tests
- monitoring & data analysis
- formation/dissemination activities - [email protected]
27/02/2020 INTERSPREAD GMBH Austria Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
INTERSPREAD is an experienced dissemination, exploitation and communication partner for your project. Following the DEC guidelines provided by the EC, our creatives design recognisable project identities, leaflets and individual print materials, as well as project websites and digital banners for your social media channels thus maximising your projects’ impact. Awareness hubs or web platforms are implemented by our skilled developers. Email: [email protected] Profile:
25/02/2020 Five Eleven Innovation Ltd UK Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
511Innovation supports high growth potential startups & spinouts with business planing / commercialisation strategy and funding bid development; Our offer is project managment from "Idea to Investment" stage be it a low TRL "Proof of Concept" or near market, we have 15+ years of University research commercialisation, Technology Transfer and spinout / startup experience. We wish to be part of consortia as a trusted partner in your EU project, get in touch -
25/02/2020 SAMPA OTOMOTIV SANAYI VE TICARET A.S Turkey Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
SAMPA was founded in 1994. SAMPA manufactures products for heavy commercial vehicles. Performing every stage from design to production, Sampa has 11 different production lines and R&D centers. We work with a total of 2000+ personnel, with 85 experienced R&D personnel in the fields of product and mold design, product development/improvement and material characterization. We have carried out 10 state-supported projects and more than 150 R&D projects.
24/02/2020 UNIVERSITA' DELLA CALABRIA-Dipartimento di Scienze Aziendali e Giuridiche Italy Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
The Department of Business and Legal Sciences of the University of Calabria (Italy) is offering the skills of experts and professors for the application on European calls in the field of business sciences, legal sciences, economic sciences, social sciences and on research topics scientific and technological.
16/02/2020 MARINE CLUSTER BULGARIA SDRUZHENIE Bulgaria Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Marine Cluster Bulgaria (MCB) brings together SMEs, NGOs, educational institutions and R&D organizations operating in the Blue Growth sectors' value chains. MCB is experienced in EU-funded projects under H2020, COSME, EMFF, Erasmus+. MCB acts towards SMEs internationalization and growth, entrepreneurial discovery, green&blue-growth innovations, environment. MCB offers partnership in project proposals - contribution to the proposal development content-wise, deploying its expertise and experience.
06/02/2020 NEVIANA BOUMBAROVA Bulgaria Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
TEAM INTELLECT - Neviana Boumbarova, SP is a Bulgarian SME. We would like to be a partner that could support the transfer of innovation ideas into socio-economic value trough offering expertise in pre-normative research, and standard-setting.
06/02/2020 ISTANBUL AVRUPA ARASTIRMALARI DERNEGI Turkey Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
We are motivated to join a consortium and contribute to successful proposals. IAAD is a SME-based not for profit research body located in Istanbul/Turkey, at the interface between science, society and businesses (SSH, IIRS, RRI), with Eng/Tech/PhD level expertise/resources in the industry/SME arena. We currently have the solid trust of 41 pan-EU bodies resulting in 14 EU funded projects (2017-2019) not showed in the present media. Contact: [email protected]
06/02/2020 UP PROJECT GESTION DE PROYECTOS, S.L. Spain Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
upProject is specialized in software development, recognized as an Innovative SME by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, that offers a genuine and customizable product. Currently, with its own software is being part of several projects in the field of technology, remote sensing, machine learning, IoT, AI and Big Data, managing values above 800M€. upProject is connecting and integrating systems through process digitalisation and communication between teams.
28/01/2020 Society Forward Center Albania Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Society Forward Center (SFC) is an NGO based in Tirana, Albania. Our mission is to work in a wide range of topics in partnership with foreign organizations and institutions,Albanian central and local government (they need NGOs as they lack on coordination, project management and monitoring). SFC offers its expertise linked to this call and can be part of a consortium in writing, planning, implementing of projects.; [email protected]
28/01/2020 ALRO SA Romania Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
ALRO is one of the largest vertically integrated aluminium producers in Europe by production capacity and is structured in two divisions: • Primary Aluminium, with Anode plant, Aluminium Smelter, Casting House, Aluminium Eco-Recycling Facility; • Processed Aluminium has a processing capacity of 90,000 tonnes of processed aluminium, depending on the production mix. We are interested in joining as partners in a consortium and we offer industrial testing and application of innovative solutions.
27/01/2020 IQVOLUTION BULGARIA EOOD Bulgaria Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
We are a Bulgarian company focused on diverse innovative 3D applications, incl. 3D laser scanning, associated with: smart cities concepts, incl. BIM; forensics; cultural heritage documentation and analysis; digitalisation; etc. We are experienced in project proposal preparations for quadruple helix consortiums within several EU funding programmes. We are interested in participating in project teams aimed at developing and fulfilling innovative solutions in 3D contexts via EU funding projects.
27/01/2020 Social Policy Research Institute Mongolia Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
We are rich of experience in research and innovation in Mongolia. We are young energetic team whom are interested in gender studies, social welfare system innovation, business advises and other joint project. We worked in area such as, Identifying level of risk awareness and raising awareness of micro-finance in rural Mongolia, Social and gender analysis in pasture and natural resource management. If you are looking for a partner please contact us at [email protected]
24/01/2020 MINDS & SPARKS GMBH Austria Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
M&S is an experienced project partner with a skilled team of researchers, engineers, developers and creatives offering APPLIED RESEARCH: Stakeholder Analysis, User Surveys, Requirements Engineering. DEVELOPMENT: Conception, Web Applications, Interface Design, Data Visualisation, Piloting, Validation. DISSEMINATION & EXPLOITATION: Websites, Communication, Innovation and Technology Marketing, Solution Assessments, Market Analysis, Exploitation Planning. OUR PROFILE:
23/01/2020 HeadHunter Limited SRL Romania Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Contact us, at [email protected], if you need an innovative R&D partner or a customized system/solution, into the following fields, but not limited at them:
solar UAVs/USVs/UUVs/UGVs, renewable energy(solar, wind), passive houses/greenhouses, solar Sea Water desalinization, Atmosphere/Sea monitoring, Oil&Gas/Power lines/transportation infrastructure monitoring, precision agriculture/forestry, Law Enforcement/ISR, IT, HR.
23/01/2020 BEST CYBERNETICS SINGLE MEMBER PRIVATE COMPANY Greece Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Best Cybernetics (, [email protected]) would like to participate as a partner (incl. as Technical and/or Communication coordinator) for preparation of a grant application. Our expertise is in the areas of: - Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Start-up & SMEs support; Development of custom applications, platforms, portals, mobile apps, e-learning platforms, webinars; EU Project Management; Training and Mentoring: Team Building; Soft Skills, ICT Skills, Digital Marketing.
21/01/2020 OverIT S.p.A. Italy Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
OverIT S.p.A. is an Italian ICT company with more than 400 employees developing world wide Work Force Management and Augmented Reality Solutions applied to Field Service Management. We have a strong commitment in research projects related to cutting edge technologies (AR, GIS, WFM, LBS). We are very interested in sharing our research capabilities and platforms. We look forward to hearing from you at [email protected]
19/01/2020 GOLEM - Gesellschaft fuer integrierte mikroelektronische Komplettloesungen Gesellschaft m.b.H. Austria Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
GOLEM.AT, Austria contributes by its cutting-edge RDI applying AI, Big Data, IoT digital transformation ICT enabling most ambitious projects. Our quality inputs are from concept to reliable innovation real time platforms integrating physical & virtual worlds providing unified digital twin solutions for monitoring, analytics and controls of big application systems addressing objectives, scope, communications, dissemination, exploitation TRL 4-7 pilot prototypes for excellent high-impact results
17/01/2020 REPADO LOGISMIKOTECHNIKI-IPIRESIESEREYNAS KAI ANAPTIXIS EPE Greece Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Repado (SME) is your partner on Software Development and Regulatory Affairs. We are an ISO13485 and ISO9001 certified Software House with deep experience in developing & consulting on medical/healthcare solutions. Our quality management system complies with IEC62304 (classes A to C), ISO14971, IEC62366.
(i) Consult on medical Directives and Health Regulations for medical/healthcare software - MDR/IVDR/CE
(ii) Develop regulated software components/solutions
[email protected]
15/01/2020 ELECTROIMPACT UK LIMITED UK Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Electroimpact is a highly experienced aerospace automation company with an exceptional concentration of engineers. Our wide range of projects include complete automation assembly systems for commercial aircraft wings, riveting machines and tools for wing panel and fuselage assembly, advanced fiber placement machines, robotic assembly systems, and spacecraft handling equipment. Our company was designed by the founder as a haven for engineers, with vertical responsibility for all work from concept
10/01/2020 Center of mechatronic and autonomous system, Tallinn University of Technology Estonia Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Center of Mechatronic and Autonomous System in Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, has 16 full-time staffs including 2 professors, 9 researchers, 6 PhD students, 2 engineers, and 2 admin staffs. We have five (5) state-of-the-art laboratories including Machine Vision, Robotics Control, Mechatronics Systems and Industrial Robotics. Every year we have 30 international master/phd mechatronic students enrollment. We have conducted 40 research projects and published hundreds of research papers
07/01/2020 DZINKER S.L. Spain Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Founded in 2017, dzinker is an engineering company devoted to the promotion, development and application of new eco-
technologies coherently with the oncoming economy model based on the sustainability and the 4.0 industrial approach.
dzinker has a clear vocation for R & D activities and is oriented to the alignment of relevant stakeholders such as authorities,
technological centres and universities, industry, third sector organisations and societies at large to innovative for unlocking
07/01/2020 Tisalabs Ireland Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
An Irish company with strong technical expertise in highly complex systems design, implementation and delivery. We build highly scalable IoT solutions that can be managed and monitored from a single interface with a simple click. We put security at the top of our list and have developed an innovative way to secure satellite communications. We have successfully delivered projects in Forestry and Maritime and are looking for partners to bring our solution to other sectors. [email protected]
06/01/2020 FARPLAS OTOMOTIV ANONIM SIRKETI Turkey Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Farplas is a 50-year-old full system automotive Tier-1 company located in Turkey and designs, develops and manufactures vehicle plastic parts with 1800 employees in 3 manufacturing sites and 2 R&D centers. Main commercial products are interior/exterior body parts, electronic based ceiling and lighting systems and IP modules. Farplas has strong technical capability in terms of robot. Besides, Farplas provides smart mobility solutions as connected car platform and e-scooter charging stations.
19/12/2019 KOMPAI ROBOTICS France Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
KOMPAÏ robotics, is a spin-off of ROBOSOFT company, recognized as a supplier of advanced robotics solutions since 1985. Our main activity is building robots to help frail people and their caregivers. The second activity is to develop robotic solution in : cleaning, automatic transport, security... KOMPAÏ team has good experience in EC projects H2020, FP7, FP6. Now KOMPAÏ is a partner of the SHAPES project (20M€) started on 11/2019. We are looking for projects/consortiums to provide our expertise
18/12/2019 PhotonPath S.r.l. Italy Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
PhotonPath is a fabless Integrated Photonics SME. We design, test and manufacture PIC based systems for telecom, sensing, and computing. Expertise in all platforms: Si, InP, SiN, PLC. For the telecom market, our optical components allow the construction of network equipment that increases current network capacity, availability, and programmability. For sensing, our control and calibration algorithms allow measurement devices to become small, consume low power and be manufactured on large scale.
12/12/2019 Kvasir Technologies IVS Denmark Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Kvasir Technologies, a most promising biofuel SME in Europe, is willing to join a consortium to offer its long-term experience in recently patented lignin to oil most advanced and simple thermochemical conversion technology with biomass residues. You are welcome to contact CEO Joachim Nielsen at E-mail:[email protected], or Head of Business Development Dimitar Karakashev at email: [email protected]
11/12/2019 Emayor Synersight Technologies SI Spain Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
A young team in search of new innovation projects where we can be able to contribute our knowledge, experience in 4.0 Industry, by manufacturing our own AGVs; collaborative robots, intralogistics automation solutions , navigation systems, software development etc
11/12/2019 IRCCS - ASSOCIAZIONE LA NOSTRA FAMIGLIA 'ISTITUTO SCIENTIFICO EUGENIO MEDEA' Italy Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
The BioLab at Medea (Italy) has experience in clinical trials with robots, VR and wearables, paying attention to tech-transfer. We study human machine interaction (coordinator of a project in the call SC1-BHC-22-2019), have expertise in biomedical signal processing and machine learning. We are interested in interactive technologies, digital innovation for education and social inclusion. Our equipment: immersive VR caves, HMD, 3D printing machines, EEG system, rehabilitative and assistive robots.
05/12/2019 kialab srl Italy Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Kialab is a B2B consulting company that operates in the Personal Care, Home Care and I&I sectors, providing: - Research & development, production and distribution of Innovative Ingredients; - Formulate consulting, from product design to scale-up; - Development of “Smart Compounds” to reduce complexity to manufacturing companies, increasing their productivity and competitiveness; - Distribution of raw materials for Home Care - I&I.; Contact: [email protected]
01/12/2019 Naturality Research & Development Spain Expertise Offer Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
We have developed an antimicrobial platform for antibiotic replacement.
We use molecular encapsulation, nano-drug delivery sytems, chirality and polypharmacology. We currently develop with sister companies new antimicrobial nano-formulations with straightforward access to the veterinary market and also new spermicidals with a unique mode of action. Our polypharmacolgy approach is suitable for studies in all therapeutic domains.