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What happens to costs in Horizon 2020 grants when there are difficulties in implementing the action due to the Covid-19 situation?


For actual cost-based H2020 actions & MSCA actions

  • Given this unprecedented pandemic situation, maximum flexibility will be given in relation to the action implementation.
  • Whenever possible beneficiaries are encouraged to telework or to use other forms of remote working. Teleworking costs will be accepted as eligible under the confinement period even if it is not the beneficiary’s usual practice to telework.

Beneficiaries are also highly encouraged to shift their tasks whenever possible. For instance, tasks where physical presence is needed on the ground (e.g. experiments/lab work etc.) may be postponed after confinement measures are over and meanwhile remote work could be done instead (desk work, drafting of reports, etc.). Costs will still be eligible for the work carried out under the action even if such shifting entails deviations from the initial timing set out in Annex 1.

Additional possibility for H2020 MSCA actions:

  • Beneficiaries are reminded that periods in which a researcher was absent for 30 consecutive days or less (for reasons other than normal annual leave) can STILL be charged to the action and the costs will be eligible.
  • Moreover, the budget is flexible on the use of the amounts received. Research, training and networking unit costs should be used primarily for the research, training and networking activities planned in Annex 1. Yet, beneficiaries may allocate some of these amounts to help maintaining the salary of the researchers that are prevented from implementing the action due to the Covid-19 situation.