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KATANA (Other calls)

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Project full name: KATANA - Emerging industries as key enablers for the adoption of advanced technologies in the agrifood sectorProject acronym: KATANACall identifier: INNOSUP KATANA 01Call title: KATANA Open Call 1 - Call for TeamsGrant agreement number: 691478Publication Date: 1st December 2016Deadline: 28th February 2017, 17:00 (CET)Expected duration of participation: No longer than 5 monthsIndicative budget for the call: € 200,000Maximum funding request per proposal: € 2,000 in a form of travel voucherSubmission language: EnglishWeb address for full open call information: address for proposal submissions: [email protected]
Additional information
Proposal format and structure: All applicants should prepare a short pitch video with duration of max 2 minutes. For Open Call 1 it is not requested to apply with a concrete idea fitting to one of the three main topics, the applicants rather have to present their skills, competences, their understanding of the dynamics across the agrifood value chain and their vision of the sector. The more concrete these pitches become, the easier will it be for the fellow applicants to evaluate the entity. Concrete ideas will emerge as a result of collaboration and the consortia building prior to Open Call 2. The pitch video must be submitted electronically in a format of a valid YouTube link for video without restrictions for reviewing. Take note that is in the applicants’ interest that the videos are of high quality, minimum required resolution is VGA video quality (640x480).
For whom: SMEs and single entrepreneurs from the agrifood value chain (farmers, food producers, retailers, nutritionists etc.), ICT and internet based SMEs, SMEs active in emerging industries (e.g. eco sustainability, mobile markets, and functional foods).
Objective: KATANA aims to support the use of advanced technologies within the agrifood sector and to boost the development of innovative products and services in the field.
Reason: In order to cope with a growing awareness for nutrition and health issues, an increasing demand for sustainability in supply chains and the breakthrough of ecommerce and mobile marketing in relation to agrifood products, the way of doing business in the sector is currently being transformed.
How: KATANA addresses the traditional agrifood value chain in order to strengthen cooperation and support the smallest market players in accessing knowledge, technology, capital and markets. A customized set of financial and support services will be provided to selected participants who also get the chance to participate various matchmaking events, an investor forum as well as e-pitches in front of market players, investors and business angels.
Evaluation criteria: KATANA brings the platform-based evaluation system for its Open Call 1 that includes Peer-to-Peer (p2p) evaluation, where applicants evaluate other teams and their pitches. The novelty of this system is that the Applicant and the Evaluator roles are shared by the same set of people. Namely, the Applicants are at the same time Evaluators for other applications at the same call. The ranking algorithm takes into account not only the evaluations received by the others, but the competence in evaluating other applicants as well, because it is not only the application, but much more the competencies of the applicants that guarantee future success on the market. The applicants will have to evaluate other applicants based upon three concrete criteria:
Previous experience and current activities
Understanding of the dynamics across the value chain
Vision for new products/services
This will allow KATANA to offer its 1st stage supporting services to the most promising teams that market players themselves find as ones with the most potential for future commercialisation.
Areas of interest: eco sustainability, mobile markets for agriculture, functional food, supply chains in agribusiness.