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Idealist2018: Advisory Board Public Report and Recommendations

The objective of the Advisory Board created by Idealist2018 is to broaden the perspective of the activities and strategies carried out by the ICT NCP Network and provide recommendations for an optimal adaptation to the needs of participants, ICT National Contact Points and the European Commission.

The changes between Framework Programme Seven (FP7) and Horizon2020 (H2020) have spread ICT activities across the whole Programme. Hence a closer relationship with other key players (such as Industrial Associations behind the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), Advisory Fora, Committees discussing and approving other ICT-related Work Programmes and other NCP groups and networks) is essential to understand the big picture and the difficulties the ICT participants now face when developing their project ideas.

This advisory group is therefore composed of persons with long experience in ICT and key relationships with different parts of the ICT Programme (ICT Committee, Connect Advisory Forum, Joint Technology Initiative ECSEL, different PPP initiatives and Technology Platforms, etc.) who have been invited to this Board to create a brainstorming atmosphere where relevant ideas can come from outside of the box, with the final aim of creating or adapting the ICT NCP Network’s services to the real needs of ICT participants in Horizon2020.

The Advisory Board of Idealist2018 has met twice during the first two years of execution of the project (Vienna, July 2015 and Madrid, November 2016) and discussed various interesting topics related to the execution of the ICT Programme in Horizon 2020. This has led to a series of recommendations that are summarized in the attached report.