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Graphene FET Flagship - call for expression of interest

The Flagship’s overriding goal is to take graphene, related layered materials and hybrid systems from a state of raw potential to a point where they can revolutionize multiple industries. This may bring a new dimension to future technology and put Europe at the heart of the process, with a manifold return on the investment as technological innovation, economic exploitation and societal benefits. ​

This requires the focus of the Flagship to evolve over the years, placing more resources in areas where this transition is more likely. To accomplish this, we are looking for new industrial partners that bring in specific industrial and technology transfer competences or capabilities that complement the present consortium. Regarding eligibility to apply, please see the European Commission (EC) rules. 

Submission deadline is 30 May 2017, 08:00 a.m. The selected new partners will be incorporated in the scientific and technological work packages of the second core project under the Horizon 2020 phase of the Flagship that will run during 1 April 2018 – 31 March 2020. The new partners will be requested to sign the relevant agreements with the EC as well as the Consortium Agreement that regulates the relations between the partners in the consortium. The agreements with the EC include a Framework Partnership Agreement and a Specific Grant Agreement (model agreements). The present Graphene Flagship Consortium Agreement is being modified for Horizon 2020 to reflect the changes in the governance structure and terminology between the current phase of the Flagship, governed by the rules of FP7, and the first core project, governed by Horizon 2020 rules. The addition of new partners is subject to the approval of the required contract amendment by the EC. The specific areas of interest and the required capabilities are listed by topic in the left menu. All details on submission is found under "Format..." in the same left menu, including the submission deadline 30 May 2017, 08:00 a.m.