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16/03/2019 FABRIKA INNOVATSI I RESHENI, OOO Belarus Expertise Request Support for the large scale uptake of open service platforms in the Active and Healthy Ageing domain (SC1-HCC-02-2019) F&T portal
Innowise Group is a full-service software development company based in Belarus. For more than 10 years we render services of custom software development to clients in the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, and the Central Asia. We are working to deliver software solutions and consulting services to businesses worldwide, and help our clients to create innovative and technological products in various areas. List of the technologies you can find here
19/03/2019 AND CONSULTING GROUP Belgium Expertise Request Security for smart and safe cities, including for public spaces (SU-INFRA02-2019) F&T portal
AND Consulting Group is a vibrant and socially-responsible ethics and privacy consultancy, based in Brussels. We provide bespoke consultancy, research, and risk management services on privacy and data protection, ethical innovation, and the societal impact of new technology systems. We offer our expertise in carrying out impact assessments, providing high-quality research, and overseeing ethics, privacy and data protection issues in collaborative research projects (Visit us:
02/10/2019 ASSOCIATION POUR LE REDEPLOIEMENT ECONOMIQUE DU BASSIN SERESIEN - AREBS Belgium Expertise Request Consumer engagement and demand response (LC-SC3-EC-3-2020) F&T portal
Arebs is the economic development agency of city of Seraing. With past experiences in carbon foot print, SEAP, sustainable energy and mobility project, the agency is proposing an urban demonstration site in Seraing, mixing small SMEs and retail shops, public administrative building and private housing, in order to test demand responses solutions and to set up a renewable energy community. it is seeking for a lead partner and other technical and demonstration site partners.
26/03/2019 ROOTER ANALYSIS SL Spain Expertise Request Digital Security and privacy for citizens and Small and Medium Enterprises and Micro Enterprises (SU-DS03-2019-2020) F&T portal
Rooter provides Legal consultancy services about Data and Privacy Protection in Innovation projects. Also we are experts in Business Modeling in projects about A.I, Voice Recognition, Data & Privacy, etc.. Rooter has participated in different European Union H2020 projects as Apps4Europe, EUDECO, COMPRISE and ZDMPD
08/10/2019 WEARABLE TECHNOLOGIES AG Germany Expertise Request FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking (FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
WT is pioneer and world leading innovation and development platform for wearables and their related IoT applications. Over 15 years WT has successfully established an B2B ecosystem of 30,000+ companies and runs an annual global event, conference and innovation series. WT continuously is looking for project partnerships to expand their eco-system and further develop and integrate FET´s in any kind of application.
10/04/2019 MARKMAR EHF Iceland Expertise Request Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
We can undertake the entire process of developing a research proposal; defining the idea, building a consortium, submitting a research proposal, contract phase, and to manage or support the project management in collaboration with the project consortium, see We are interested in becoming a member of a consortium working on different concepts, and in particular for Hannibal holding a patent for a method and system for synthetic liquid fuel production by indirect gasification.
24/11/2018 ANTROPOSERVICE SAS DI DI ANDREA FRANCO Italy Expertise Request Collaborative approaches to cultural heritage for social cohesion (DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-11-2019) F&T portal
Antroposervice is a young Italian SME, in the cultural and creative industry (CCI), its mission being: development of cultural-artistic-experiential tourism, promotion of local territories along with their cultural heritage, events planning, audience development, valorisation of cultural heritage in the perspective of co-creation. Antroposervice is the main partner in the organization of:
19/04/2019 FONDAZIONE MONDO DIGITALE Italy Expertise Request Large scale implementation of digital innovation for health and care in an ageing society (SC1-DTH-05-2019) F&T portal
Fondazione Mondo Digitale non-profit legal entity in Rome promoting lifelong learning, social innovation and inclusion with attention to categories at risk of social exclusion. FMD initiatives focus on ICT for accessibility and inclusion, involving among others, seniors’ citizens, in collaboration with organisations piloting ICT-based solutions for active and healthy ageing
14/10/2019 INSTITUTE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT Greece Expertise Request Transformative impact of disruptive technologies in public services (DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-02-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
The iED is a private non-profit research organization experienced in the field of Social and Business Innovation.Since 2005 iED has participated in the planning, development and implementation of more than 150 projects in different topics.iED is also focusing on developing and introducing disruptive solutions to systemic social, education and economic problems.The disruptive solutions to the systemic problems that we identify are developed through various layers of interaction with stakeholders.
06/05/2019 MUNICH INNOVATION LABS GmbH Germany Expertise Request Technologies for first responders (SU-DRS02-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
Munich Innovation Labs specializes in data applications for the security sector and other highly regulated areas. Our expertise includes server architecture/ backend solutions for security applications, applications for data mining and processing, development of UI/ frontend infrastructures as well as machine learning and image recognition. With a multidisciplinary team and an agile development approach, we are able to quickly move projects forward.
13/02/2018 EngIT Research UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Germany Expertise Request Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
EngIT Research focuses on innovation products within the engineering and IT sector. We are looking for two partners from outside Germany to be able to apply for FTI and to support us with further actions in our project, developing and programming an engine control unit to control mechanical parts of an engine via an interface though we made good progress so far. Please contact Mr. Heinrich Penner: +49-1523-8430550
21/01/2019 ZAFER KALKINMA AJANSI Turkey Expertise Request SME instrument (EIC-SMEINST-2018-2020) F&T portal
Zafer Development Agency (ZDA) has been established to be in action in TR33 Region that enclose Kütahya, Afyonkarahisar, Uşak and Manisa provinces and carries out preparing plans and programs, providing coordination between stakeholders, implementing researches and projects. ZDA has EU Project experiences over 3 years and has been implementing Horizon 2020 EU Funded Project-Living Lab Research Concept in Rural Areas which has about 4.1 million Euros support since 01.05.2018 (36 months in total).
16/06/2019 BMB GROUP Poland Expertise Request Digital Security and privacy for citizens and Small and Medium Enterprises and Micro Enterprises (SU-DS03-2019-2020) F&T portal
BMB GROUP is a private company affiliated with the Technical University in Poland, together with an academic research center with extensive experience in research and science in the field of thermodynamics over Ammonia, including the use of energy from its liquid state to pare. Our research goes towards the use of energy electricity to supply a separate unit to dig 36x faster water channels. We are looking for expert partners to create a consortium to work on using the temperature difference
10/07/2019 SIQ - Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology Slovenia Expertise Request Digital Security and privacy for citizens and Small and Medium Enterprises and Micro Enterprises (SU-DS03-2019-2020) F&T portal
We perform standard security assessments like automated vulnerability scanning, external and internal assessments, as well as specialized security assessments in accordance with the needs of the customer such as SCADA Systems Assessment, IoT Vulnerability Scan/ Pentest, IoT / SCADA Audit, Application Security Assessment, Mobile Device Security Review, source code security review, VoIP/IP telephony assessment, social engineering, and information system audit, GDPR, eIDAS, IEC 62443, Blockchain.
26/10/2019 FONDAZIONE SCUOLA NAZIONALE SERVIZI Italy Expertise Request Research and Innovation boosting promising robotics applications (ICT-47-2020) F&T portal
Hospitals, Health Care Agencies, Research Centers, Enterprises
23/07/2019 LT Synergy Ltd Cyprus Expertise Request Digital Security and privacy for citizens and Small and Medium Enterprises and Micro Enterprises (SU-DS03-2019-2020) F&T portal
We are interested to participate in innovative projects that will add value and enhance the business sector and society at large in our region and Europe.
We are a results oriented company competent in the following areas:
- Corporate governance, regulatory compliance and risk management,
- Information security,
- Project and process management,
- Change management and re-engineering,
- Quality systems and standards,
- Finance and investments.
11/01/2018 ENECO-ekoloski sistemi d.o.o. Bosnia & Herzegovina Expertise Request Integrated local energy systems (Energy islands) (LC-SC3-ES-3-2018-2020) F&T portal
We are looking for partners for this call. We have a preliminary design and facilities for the technical realization of this project.ENECO-ecologically systems d.o.o. is a specialized company, to create the most advanced HVAC systems heating, cooling and ventilation systems, which primarily use renewable energy sources. These sources are exploited mainly by heat pumps water-water and air-water,which, with very little energy consumption,are used for heating and cooling buildings of all sizes.
02/11/2019 HAFENSTROM AS Norway Expertise Request Transformative impact of disruptive technologies in public services (DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-02-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
Small company specialised in mobility, energy and internet of things looking for partners developing new disruptive services together with our local city in North of Norway. We already have experience with RIA in smart objects/IoT and flexible energy systems for geographical islands
16/07/2019 BEWELL TEKNOLOJI SANAYI TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI Turkey Expertise Request Quality control in smart manufacturing (IA) (DT-FOF-11-2020) F&T portal
Bewelltechnology is an ICT company and main business is the use of AI techniques (ML/DL/NLP/NN) for creating intelligent systems with minimal human intervention. use of IoT technology to gathering big data from various sources and sensors and working on data by using Data Mining techniques. our main work domains are digitalization, logistic, industry 4.0, Agriculture and smart manufacturing. in addition, we have experience in R&D activities and provide appropriate software solutions.
11/04/2018 Med & Sport 2000 S.r.l. Italy Expertise Request Adaptive smart working and living environments supporting active and healthy ageing (SC1-DTH-03-2018) F&T portal
Med & Sport 2000 Srl, Turin, Italy is a SME dealing with occupational medicine, training and research. We request expertise to analyze the needs of assistance in specific regional area and to plan a new organization which takes into account those human resources that, due to their functional impairments, can be excluded from the job in which they are occupied. Aim: a new and original approach to solve the problems of age-related health risks and conditions in older health care professionals
29/10/2018 Respifit Bulgaria Expertise Request Large scale implementation of digital innovation for health and care in an ageing society (SC1-DTH-05-2019) F&T portal
RespiFit is a Digital Health company providing personalized respiratory disease management. We provide AsthmaFit, a comprehensive system(wearable device and deep-tech algorithms) for monitoring asthma in terms of exposure and symptom histories, sensitivity profile, and next-day predictions. We are also interested in other chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD.
28/01/2019 The medical-improving centre "Elbrus" Ukraine Expertise Request Large scale implementation of digital innovation for health and care in an ageing society (SC1-DTH-05-2019) F&T portal
Technology : "Improving of the health with the help of hypoxic therapy with hyperoxic and hypercapnic impact". She designed for continue the healthy aging, to improve work capacity and endurance of the people. 8 of our inventions. Developed installations for implementing this technology. The European Commission awarded us a high Reference Site status and presented an award in the field of active and healthy aging. Technology is included in the depository of the best European practices.

01/08/2019 SCYTL SECURE ELECTRONIC VOTING SA Spain Expertise Request Transformative impact of disruptive technologies in public services (DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-02-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
Scytl Secure Electronic Voting S.A. is the worldwide leader in electronic voting and electoral modernisation solutions. As a software company, SCYTL specialises in secure electoral modernization, electronic voting solutions and e-participation / e-democracy tools. SCYTL is also an active player in H2020, participating in several projects (SMESEC, Co-Inform, PROMETHEUS). We would be interested in providing a use case scenario for validation under this call. Contact us: [email protected]
26/09/2018 Medi Care Società Cooperativa Sociale Italy Expertise Request Digital health and care services (SC1-DTH-10-2019-2020) F&T portal
Medi Care offers a working group able to face complexities/difficulties by having a profound and validated knowledge of the problems related to health/social care. Since 1991, Medi Care has worked in home care for the elderly/disabled/minors and integrated health care services for the terminally ill, in partnership with Sicilian municipalities and Health Authorities. We also manage residential centers for elderly/disabled, rehabilitation centers, medical polyclinics and telemedicine services.
13/08/2019 SevenSprings Technology AG Switzerland Expertise Request Software Technologies (ICT-50-2020) F&T portal
SevenSprings Technology AG is a Swiss based digital consultant, which provides Web and Mobile native Apps, data - and predictive analytics solutions, IT-offshoring solutions and consultancy on innovative business models. SevenSprings Technology AG collaborates with academics and research centers. We are interested to join a consortium that plans to use blockchain as a key technology for secure software management and deployment.
19/12/2019 Management Company of Technopark Borj Cedria Tunisia Expertise Request Boost rural economies through cross-sector digital service platforms (DT-ICT-09-2020) F&T portal
Smart eTech, an innovative SME installed in the Technopark of Borj Cedria Tunisia, develops solutions for industrial sectors. It provides its design according to the industry 4.0 models starting from the Hardware Kit (IoT, sensors, Machine learning, BI). Smart eTech, proposes to develop and demonstrate new platforms (based on an already existing one) in water treatment and monitoring for connected smart cities and services specifically for boosting sustainable rural economy.
29/11/2018 VELTHA IVZW Belgium Expertise Request Raw materials innovation actions: exploration and Earth observation in support of sustainable mining (SC5-10-2019-2020) F&T portal
VELTHA is an International No-Profit Association developing research in the field of Sustainable Development and Circular Economy. Veltha successfully participated in FP7 and H2020 projects (SCREEN is the most recent one) and has strong skills in definition of Value Chains, Circular Life Cycle Analysis, synergies between different funds, project management, dissemination activities and preparation of the plans for the exploitation of the research results, including the management of IPR issues.
19/03/2018 INSTYTUT TECHNOLOGII BEZPIECZENSTWA MORATEX Poland Expertise Request Technologies to enhance border and external security (SU-BES02-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
Institute of Security Technology "MORATEX" is a research institute supervised by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration.It specializes in risk management methodology and in creating scenarios of the prevention-detection-response-mitigation and creating basis for training for practitioners using ViR as well as humanitarian demining activities (risk education). R&D works are also focused on modern structural and technological solutions in the field of ballistic and impact protection.
07/07/2018 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institute Egypt Expertise Request Technologies for first responders (SU-DRS02-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institute is located at EGYPT. It is aware for drug delivery system fabrication, characterization ,functionalization and medical applications. For any person who is interest, can send his interest in email :[email protected]
30/10/2018 Open Foundation Spain Expertise Request Digital Security and privacy for citizens and Small and Medium Enterprises and Micro Enterprises (SU-DS03-2019-2020) F&T portal
The main goal of our foundation is promoting cooperation between different types of public and private organisations by identifying social issues and generating innovative ideas. In this way, the objective is to promote sustainable development at national, regional and local level.
06/01/2020 BAR ILAN UNIVERSITY Israel Expertise Request FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking (FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
We are coordinating 2 FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking proposals and looking for a small company that develops novel optical microscopes and microscopic methods.
Alternatively, an engineering / design company with experience of putting optical systems together OR a company capable of building a molecular diagnostics reader with expertise in optics, mechanics, microfluidics, automation.
23/10/2018 Studio Tecnico Industriale Riccardo Maritan Italy Expertise Request Digital security, privacy, data protection and accountability in critical sectors (SU-DS05-2018-2019) F&T portal
Si intende promuovere una grado di identificazione digitale basato su una nuova tencologia 3D.
02/09/2019 CERVVAL France Expertise Request Offshore wind basic science and balance of plant (LC-SC3-RES-31-2020) F&T portal
We have developped web based Digital Twin ( and planning tools (
03/09/2019 Nueva Mater Dei Spain Expertise Request Upgrading smartness of existing buildings through innovations for legacy equipment (LC-SC3-EE-4-2019-2020) F&T portal
Nueva Mater Dei is a Nursing Home with a wide experience in H2020. Nueva Mater Dei is interested in performing a pilot/demonstration within this topic.
04/09/2019 "S2E Sprint S.r.l. Italy Expertise Request Next Generation Internet of Things (ICT-56-2020) F&T portal
S2E is a SME providing IT and Security solutions. S2E lean on its own Research & Development Hub, Software Factory and 4 business Units: Development & Data, Infrastructure Integration, Enterprise Mobility, Information Security.
We are interested in the integration of a transparent security layer in IoT systems. Our main targets are eHealth in order to protect high sensitive healthcare information in new pervasive eHealth applications and Critical Infrastructures IoT control systems protection.
15/01/2020 Small Private Enterprise "Aniger" Ukraine Expertise Request Cybersecurity in the Electrical Power and Energy System (EPES): an armour against cyber and privacy attacks and data breaches (SU-DS04-2018-2020) F&T portal
Ukrainian SME - ANIGER. Kiev. We are interested in joining the consortium. We have created an intelligent system for monitoring, control and optimization of railway power supply systems. Vdren system in different countries. Certificate ISO 9001: 2008). Profile in EEN - TOUA20181221001. Please answer: [email protected] or [email protected] Sincerely, Prof. Oleksandr Stasyu
16/01/2020 ICTYS Technologies Spain Expertise Request Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
ICTYS technologies is a startup dedicated to the design and operation of Autonomous Surface Vessels.
We currently have three lines of development:
Port services
Inspection of Marine Facilities
Exploration for underwater mining

We are looking for a partner involved in the offshore or port industry with whom we can test our ASV ICTYS in real projects and evolve it together

10/09/2019 IXSANE SAS France Expertise Request Big data technologies and Artificial Intelligence for Copernicus (DT-SPACE-25-EO-2020) F&T portal
IXSANE develops consulting and diagnostics activities for sustainable and smart cities as well as innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (rain water management / processes optimisation) and/or on dedicated CAD software (for sustainable urban Drainage Systems and block/district energy need optimisation). We are looking for consortium to develop technologies to increase use of Earth Observation data.
13/09/2019 Sociotechnical Systems OU Estonia Expertise Request FET Proactive: emerging paradigms and communities (FETPROACT-EIC-05-2019) F&T portal
Sociotechnical Systems OU is private funded start-up based on long time research in heterogeneous simulation of sociotechnical systems. Our paradigm is sociotechnicality in everywhere. We are strong in digital technologies acceptance and sustainability assessment modeling. In 2030 more than 50% of the qualified workforce exceeds 55 years. Our aim and obsession is virtual and augmented reality low cost technologies use against human resources aging and replenishment the perception and skills.
17/09/2019 EMERGYA INGENIERIA SL Spain Expertise Request Pilot on using the European cloud infrastructure for public administrations (DT-GOVERNANCE-12-2019-2020) F&T portal
Emergya is a machine learning company seeking a partner in DT-GOVERNANCE-12-2019-2020
We offer a use case with Andalucía Government public company called "Sandetel" which manage at a regional level, all public data and ICT infrastructure in Andalucía (>8 million inhabitants)
27/02/2018 CENTRUM BADAN I INNOWACJI PRO-AKADEMIA STOWARZYSZENIE Poland Expertise Request FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking (FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
Research and Innovation Centre Pro-Akademia, a Polish industrial research organisation is looking for a Pulp & Paper mill from the EU to participate in the project: "White rot fungi application for pulp & paper industry wastewater treatment"(H2020-FETOPEN). The project is focused on improving the treatment of P&P wastewater streams containing lignin or other poly-aromatic substances. Please send your expression of interest at [email protected] by 16.03.2018.
18/05/2018 INDIGO MED SMPC Greece Expertise Request FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking (FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
As a Science Communication SME, we design and implement professional communication and dissemination strategies for any project. With over 10 years experience and expertise in outreach and communication activities of EU projects, we cooperate internationally with distinguished research centres & universities, creating science communication networks, while providing effective dissemination of scientific knowledge and outputs to the general public and the interested stakeholders.
23/01/2019 ZAFER KALKINMA AJANSI Turkey Expertise Request Photonics Manufacturing Pilot Lines for Photonic Components and Devices (ICT-03-2018-2019) F&T portal
Zafer Development Agency (ZDA) has been established to be in action in TR33 Region that enclose Kütahya, Afyonkarahisar, Uşak and Manisa provinces and carries out preparing plans and programs, providing coordination between stakeholders, implementing researches and projects. ZDA has EU Project experiences over 3 years and has been implementing Horizon 2020 EU Funded Project-Living Lab Research Concept in Rural Areas which has about 4.1 million Euros support since 01.05.2018 (36 months in total).
21/09/2019 Topazium Artificial Intelligence SL Spain Expertise Request Digital diagnostics – developing tools for supporting clinical decisions by integrating various diagnostic data (SC1-BHC-06-2020) F&T portal
TOPAZIUM is a company committed to transform medical research with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. We have developed a comprehensive AI engine that utilizes multiple data types to identify new disease patterns and the most promising therapeutic approaches in order to attain one of the most challenging global goals: “Health for all”. Our algorithms are designed for image and data classification and prediction.
23/09/2019 EXTRA RED SRL Italy Expertise Request An empowering, inclusive Next Generation Internet (ICT-57-2020) F&T portal
we are looking for partners for joining a consortium:
-MT experts
-human and societal science experts
-associations of Hearing Impaired
24/09/2019 Adscensus, MB Lithuania Expertise Request Towards sustainable urban air mobility (MG-3-6-2020) F&T portal
"Altitude Hold" is an urban aerial mobility (UAM) startup operating in both EU and US.
Since 2018 we have been working on CyPR (Cycloidal Propulsion) rotors. Our product is now at TRL-6.
We do have a concept design ready and are looking for the partners in this venture on a) fault-tolerant electronic components, b) precision kinematics, c) software and integration, d) life support and safety systems, e) LiDar, RaDar systems, f) Machine vision
26/09/2019 Alpha Visum Latvia Expertise Request Big Data Innovation Hubs (DT-ICT-05-2020) F&T portal
Alpha Visum is a technology company that have created fully managed service that uses machine learning to index time series data and find similarities, recognize patterns and detect anomalies across billions of data points. Recognize time series patterns and find their frequency of occurrence in historical data to analyse future behavior scenarios. Find common time series features across unlimited number of data indicators, analyse and forecast anomalies of time series behaviors.
25/01/2019 SYSGO AG Germany Expertise Request Robotics in Application Areas (ICT-09-2019-2020) F&T portal
We develop a real-time embedded OS with support for mixed-criticality (MC). In the context of this call you could address cybersecurity as well as safety, e.g. the MC could e.g. run a partition with ROS and another partition for an application with a high-critical standalone application. Platforms e.g. x86, PowerPC, ARM, RISC-V. In general SYSGO provides a portable and high-assurance embedded real-time operating system, for contexts of DO-178, IEC 61508 SIL4, Common Criteria.
21/01/2019 Dataengi Lithuania Expertise Request Supporting the emergence of data markets and the data economy (ICT-13-2018-2019) F&T portal
We are DataEngi LLC, a Lithuanian Data Engineering and Scala Development company with a mission to help businesses in digital transformation. DataEngi helps organizations to reduce time to market by accelerating the adoption of modern software technologies. Our team has expertise in development and implementation of data storage and processing software, taking care of data protection (including GDPR-compliant systems). More information is available at
31/01/2018 Zapaat Search Engine India Expertise Request Next Generation Internet - An Open Internet Initiative (ICT-24-2018-2019) F&T portal
Zapaat is looking for partners to collaborate on 5g features and technologies development for Zapaat Internet Search Engine with the objective of providing most efficient information search on the internet.