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03/07/2018 Orikami B.V. Netherlands Expertise Request Mining big data for early detection of infectious disease threats driven by climate change and other factors (SC1-BHC-13-2019) F&T portal
Orikami is a Data Science Boutique, specialized in healthcare & life sciences. We deliver State-of-the-art data science consultancy using machine learning & deep learning techniques to find patterns and make predictions in healthcare, life-science & research projects. As healthcare consultant and service provider, the Orikami team is focussed on developing state of the art proprietary algorithms and software quality assurance. Our work always meets privacy and security standards.
05/09/2018 Eurofins Genomics Europe Sequencing GmbH Germany Expertise Request Mining big data for early detection of infectious disease threats driven by climate change and other factors (SC1-BHC-13-2019) F&T portal
We offer a wide range of services such as sequencing of any DNA or RNA sample, DNA/RNA isolation from a wide range of samples, SNP-detection, oligo/gene synthesis, genotyping, exome and gene specific enrichment followed by sequencing, whole genome sequencing (WGS) and de-novo assemblies, epigenetic studies, microbiome and metagenome analysis and customized BioIT services.
30/07/2019 STAZIONI DOGANALI AUTOPORTUALI GORIZIA SPA Italy Expertise Request Network and traffic management for future mobility (MG-2-11-2020) F&T portal
SDAG-Gorizia Interport is an intermodal and logistic platform positioned in a strategic point for the Mitteleuropean exchanges thanks to the access to the TEN-T Corridors. The Interport is placed at the meeting point of several traffic axes, to and from the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Our expertise is in multimodal transport, supply chain, food logistic and safe&secure truck parking areas. We can provide premises and services to test technological solutions for multimodal transport.
14/09/2018 SYCO DI MENGA GIUSEPPE & C. -SAS Italy Expertise Request Large scale implementation of digital innovation for health and care in an ageing society (SC1-DTH-05-2019) F&T portal
SYCO is the forefront of an Italian consortium that obtained in the past regional support for developing a prototype of a lower limb exoskeleton for postural rehabilitation. See the recent published paper: Lower Limb Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation with Improved Postural Equilibrium by Giuseppe Menga and Marco Ghirardi. We seek competencies in bio-engineering, medical, neurological and physiological fields for a new man-machine interface in lower limb haptic exoskeletons for rehabilitation.
23/10/2018 Municipality of Markopoulo Mesogaias Greece Expertise Request Large scale implementation of digital innovation for health and care in an ageing society (SC1-DTH-05-2019) F&T portal
The Municipality of Markopoulo is located near Athens and very close to the International El. Venizelos International Airport. It is a vivid community of approx. 30,000 people in two cities Markopoulo, (business area) and Porto Rafti (sea side resort) and is very active in projects development.
Our community will contribute to the use of interoperable solutions based on open platforms and take into account existing best practices and standardisation initiatives and demonstrations
10/09/2018 Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra Portugal Expertise Request Large Scale pilots of personalised & outcome based integrated care (SC1-DTH-11-2019) F&T portal
Cáritas Coimbra is an NGO that supports around 26.500 people/year with health, social and education services in the Central Region of Portugal. It has nearly 90 centres (with 151 different services), 1000 workers and 150 volunteers. Cáritas has been very active on matching digitalization with end-user needs, developing high skills on the assessment and compliance of ethical issues on ICT, usability and easiness of use for people in frail conditions and also on the field development of pilots.
24/09/2018 Luz Saúde, S.A., Sociedade Aberta Portugal Expertise Request Large Scale pilots of personalised & outcome based integrated care (SC1-DTH-11-2019) F&T portal
Luz Saúde is one of the largest private Portuguese healthcare groups. Stablished in 2000, it provides healthcare services through 29 facilities comprising hospitals (private and a public-partnership), clinics and senior residences. With experience in national and international research projects it has interests in value based healthcare, precision and personalized medicine.
14/08/2019 BIOVARIANCE GMBH Germany Expertise Request Artificial Intelligence on demand platform (ICT-49-2020) F&T portal
We have plenty of experience in curating, processing and analyzing biomedical data. We are interested in developing a proposal for this call here. Please get in touch!
17/04/2020 STICHTING VITAL AID FOUNDATION Netherlands Expertise Request Human factors, and ethical, societal, legal and organisational aspects of using Artificial Intelligence in support of Law Enforcement (SU-AI03-2020) F&T portal
Non-profit org. based in the Netherlands with broad expertise in promoting migrants’ socio-economic inclusion with the rights-based approach to development and integration. Interventions include gender equality and development rights of women and children, access to non-formal education and job placement, awareness activities on diverse issues of interest to migrants, research and advocacy. We have a global outreach. If your looking for reliable partners pls contact us directly
26/08/2019 TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENTAND RESEARCH LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY Greece Expertise Request Open Innovation Platform for Materials Modelling (RIA) (DT-NMBP-11-2020) F&T portal
We can contribute on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods & tools to support materials' modelling, processing and quality management (Quality by design, Monitoring of quality variations, etc.). The AI methods include Machine & Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, Knowledge Based Systems, Reasoning and Cognitive Systems, etc. Also we can develop customized software (including Web applications & services) for the project needs, based on the consortium specific requirements.
29/08/2019 Omer YILDIZ Turkey Expertise Request Pre-commercial Procurement for Digital Health and Care Solutions (SC1-DTH-14-2020) F&T portal
YILDIZ TECH is newly established as a private company in 2019.
Our company are working at the markets below. We mainly write projects for European fundings, grants for:
- Smart city technology development and cooperation like IoT, computer networks and software technologies.
- 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G technology implementation and development, tests, trials and analysis.
- Biomedical electronics and software analysis. ( Esp. sleep disorders, apnea analysis and decision support systems.)
02/10/2019 ASSOCIATION POUR LE REDEPLOIEMENT ECONOMIQUE DU BASSIN SERESIEN - AREBS Belgium Expertise Request Consumer engagement and demand response (LC-SC3-EC-3-2020) F&T portal
Arebs is the economic development agency of city of Seraing. With past experiences in carbon foot print, SEAP, sustainable energy and mobility project, the agency is proposing an urban demonstration site in Seraing, mixing small SMEs and retail shops, public administrative building and private housing, in order to test demand responses solutions and to set up a renewable energy community. it is seeking for a lead partner and other technical and demonstration site partners.
08/10/2019 WEARABLE TECHNOLOGIES AG Germany Expertise Request FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking (FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
WT is pioneer and world leading innovation and development platform for wearables and their related IoT applications. Over 15 years WT has successfully established an B2B ecosystem of 30,000+ companies and runs an annual global event, conference and innovation series. WT continuously is looking for project partnerships to expand their eco-system and further develop and integrate FET´s in any kind of application.
05/07/2018 Manuel Gago Fernandez Spain Expertise Request Building blocks for resilience in evolving ICT systems (SU-ICT-02-2020) F&T portal
10/09/2019 Montr BV Netherlands Expertise Request Next Generation Internet of Things (ICT-56-2020) F&T portal
Montr is a Dutch Technology startup with a strong focus on creating and producing novel IoT wearables. We design and produce the wearables ourselves and have extensive experience with NB IoT. We excel​ in both hardware as firmware design and integration with custom software stack.
25/01/2018 Küçükçekmece Municipality Turkey Expertise Request Research for inclusive growth: addressing the socioeconomic effects of technological transformations (TRANSFORMATIONS-01-2018) F&T portal
Küçükçekmece Municipality is one of the largest districts of Istanbul.We are conducting as the Strategy Development Directorate; identification and updating studies in related to vision,mission and working principles of municipality.
We are developing projects for implementation of issues that may be of service to the municipality. As management, we are closely monitoring human-focused progressive and innovative developments
We are interested in this announcement to prepare project.
02/12/2018 The Urban Farming Corporation LTD CC Israel Expertise Request Innovative solutions for inclusive and sustainable urban environments (TRANSFORMATIONS-03-2018-2019) F&T portal
We engage citizens, schools, government, businesses, and civil society and facilitate their participation in the transformation of the urban food system. Particularly, we are experienced in implementing projects that benefit vulnerable people in cities. We are looking for partners experienced in impact assessment, LCA’s, project valuation, exploitation and dissemination activities, and those who can aid us in developing a model for urban agriculture which can be replicated in cities globally.
21/10/2019 IDRYMA ORMYLIA Greece Expertise Request European Competence Centre for the preservation and conservation of Monuments and Site (DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-20-2020) F&T portal
“ORMYLIA” Foundation is conducting interdisciplinary research in a wide range of applications in the field of analytical investigation, documentation and preservation of artworks and monuments of cultural heritage. Research domains include: Development of advanced devices combining complementary modalities (acoustic microscopy, UV/Vis/IR/Raman spectroscopies and imaging, XRF) for non-destructive analysis; Development of application for knowledge management based on up-to date technologies.
07/06/2020 Jogoto sarl Switzerland Expertise Request Boost rural economies through cross-sector digital service platforms (DT-ICT-09-2020) F&T portal
Our platform is both web and app and will help events&activities organizers in both rural and more dense regions to promote their business by publishing and promoting their events. Everyone will be able to find their events&activities on our platform:culture,sports,networking,family activity and many more.We are currently testing it with tourism offices.We already have the web and app, now we are looking for partners who will be taking it to the next level: we need DEVs and AI specialists.
25/01/2019 AGENTSIA ZA IKONOMICHESKO RAZVITIE- VARNA Bulgaria Expertise Request FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking (FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
Varna Economic Development Agency ( is a public NGO, established in 1997 in Bulgaria with experience in project management of more than 20 multinational projects, aimed at support of eco-innovation, innovation in rural and cultural tourism, development of new models for high business growth and management of virtual teams, social enterprises, sustainable equipped industrial zones, blue economy entrepreneurial support, online training and assessment tools.
26/10/2019 FONDAZIONE SCUOLA NAZIONALE SERVIZI Italy Expertise Request International cooperation in smart living environments for ageing people (SC1-DTH-04-2020) F&T portal
Hospitals, Health Care Agencies, Research Centers, Enterprises
21/09/2019 Topazium Artificial Intelligence SL Spain Expertise Request Digital diagnostics – developing tools for supporting clinical decisions by integrating various diagnostic data (SC1-BHC-06-2020) F&T portal
TOPAZIUM is a company committed to transform medical research with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. We have developed a comprehensive AI engine that utilizes multiple data types to identify new disease patterns and the most promising therapeutic approaches in order to attain one of the most challenging global goals: “Health for all”. Our algorithms are designed for image and data classification and prediction.
21/01/2019 CIM-MES PROJEKT SP ZOO Poland Expertise Request Photonics Manufacturing Pilot Lines for Photonic Components and Devices (ICT-03-2018-2019) F&T portal
Our previous development was novel lens with extended depth of field for presbyopia treatment (ophthalmology). Lens prototyping was done with direct machining and hot embossing. Lens geometry feature is smoothly varying surface curvature (radial and angular) within micron machining tolerance. Our expertise is on requested machining and quality control. We are looking for pilot line partner.
26/09/2019 Small Private Enterprise "Aniger" Ukraine Expertise Request Big data technologies and Artificial Intelligence for Copernicus (DT-SPACE-25-EO-2020) F&T portal
ANIGER.Ukrainian SME, Kiev. We would like to join a consortium for preparation of request on the receipt of underback. We are create the intellectual system for monitoring, control and optimization of functioning of the systems of power supply. (Certificate of ISO 9001 : 2008, inculcated in different countries). Our experience is problems of optimization, energy efficiency, technologies of measuring, design. A profile is in EEN - TOUA20181221001). e-mail [email protected]
25/02/2020 Nueva Mater Dei Spain Expertise Request Boost rural economies through cross-sector digital service platforms (DT-ICT-09-2020) F&T portal
Nueva Mater Dei is a nursing home of integral care to elderly people located in a rural area, with profound experience in H2020. Our main objective is to offer a quality of life as high as possible, encourage autonomy, welfare, personal development and coexistence between our residents. Nueva Mater Dei is looking for partners for this topic.
03/02/2019 TEKNOPAR ENDUSTRIYEL OTOMASYON SANAYI VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI Turkey Expertise Request Security and resilience for collaborative manufacturing environments (ICT-08-2019) F&T portal
TEKNOPAR is an R&D performing SME, founded in 1996, and it is one of the leading providers of automation systems and solutions for industrial facilities, energy and mobility sectors. Through the development of its engineering and production infrastructure, the company provides its customers with a wide range of services and end-to-end solutions where integrated applications of mechanics, hydraulics, automation, electric-electronics and digital technologies have been supplied.
26/07/2020 Hex and Square Limited Ireland Expertise Request Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
Hex and Square is an innovative SME which intends to disrupt the hand tool market.
The project is aimed at defining a process to cold forge a complex profile patented hand tool. The project is to combine programmable robot arms with muti-step closed die cold forging using dedicated design dies. Development will take place using a robot facility and a commercial forging work place to validate the design. We seek cold forge experts and mechanical engineers for process simulation.
06/11/2019 incentivimpresa Italy Expertise Request Big data technologies and Artificial Intelligence for Copernicus (DT-SPACE-25-EO-2020) F&T portal
Incentivimpresa - - is a consulting company specialized in the drafting of Horizon 2020 projects and in research and innovation projects, and in digital marketing activities.
We offer project writing support, digital marketing activities such as web marketing, advertising campaigns, social media and SEO and support in dissemination and communication activities
Contact us to please
[email protected]
or [email protected]
31/01/2018 Zapaat Search Engine India Expertise Request 5G End to End Facility (ICT-17-2018) F&T portal
Looking for partners to collaborate on 5g features and technologies development for Zapaat Internet Search Engine with the objective of providing most efficient information search on the internet.
31/01/2018 INBOUNDMUSE LTD Malta Expertise Request Next Generation Internet - An Open Internet Initiative (ICT-24-2018-2019) F&T portal
InboundMuse is a Maltese SME with long R&D background, and is very strong in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and DataScience. We look to collaborate on innovative solutions, having experience in RegTech, HealthTech & MarTech industries. InboundMuse is itself an SMEI beneficiary 2016 & interested in joining the consortium with the role of innovation/technical lead.
03/10/2018 PRIMETEL PLC Cyprus Expertise Request Interactive Technologies (ICT-25-2018-2020) F&T portal
We are a private ISP/Network Operator in Cyprus interested in testing/validating novel technologies in next generation networks for improving both our network as well as our service provisioning.
26/01/2018 FUNDACION AYESA Spain Expertise Request Effective Industrial Human-Robot Collaboration (RIA) (DT-FOF-02-2018) F&T portal
Fundación Ayesa is a non-profit research organization focused on intelligent algorithms design for applications such as manufacturing, robotics, energy and automotive. The main objective of the proposal is to empower human-robot collaboration for manufacturing by developing and merging powerful heterogeneous mobile robotics algorithms and fleet management techniques within the factory in a secure, efficient and flexible way. Search: Robotics, end-users, psychology expert, Sensorization.
28/01/2019 ZAFER KALKINMA AJANSI Turkey Expertise Request New forms of delivering public goods and inclusive public services (DT-GOVERNANCE-05-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
Zafer Development Agency (ZDA) has been established to be in action in TR33 Region that enclose Kütahya, Afyonkarahisar, Uşak and Manisa provinces and carries out preparing plans and programs, providing coordination between stakeholders, implementing researches and projects. ZDA has EU Project experiences over 3 years and has been implementing Horizon 2020 EU Funded Project-Living Lab Research Concept in Rural Areas which has about 4.1 million Euros support since 01.05.2018 (36 months in total).
04/05/2018 Center for Knowledge Management North Macedonia Expertise Request New forms of delivering public goods and inclusive public services (DT-GOVERNANCE-05-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) is a research centre established in 2008. CKM is experienced in participating and leading EU Interreg and Erasmus projects in the area of innovations and managing radical innovations, science and new ICT technologies, and entrepreneurship. In these areas CKMs works at macro (policies, impact, strategies, public capacities) and micro level (clusters, capacities and potential of organisations).
09/11/2018 AYUNTAMIENTO DE QUART DE POBLET Spain Expertise Request Pilot on using the European cloud infrastructure for public administrations (DT-GOVERNANCE-12-2019-2020) F&T portal
Our organisation represents the municipality of Quart de Poblet. The town is located in the metropolitan area of Valencia, Spain, and is the hometown of more than 24.000 citizens. In the last 15 years, the Ajuntament of Quart de Poblet has been working on more than 40 EU funds projects, including several Erasmus+ projects K1, K2, K3, ERDF for mobility, Interreg and Horizon2020. We are interested to be pilot projects or to participate with our departments.
[email protected]
07/03/2018 KAPPA TECHNIKI S.A. Greece Expertise Request Integrating Activities for Advanced Communities (INFRAIA-01-2018-2019) F&T portal
05/10/2018 UPPSALA KOMMUN Sweden Expertise Request Big data solutions for energy (DT-ICT-11-2019) F&T portal
The City of Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden with about 220 000 inhabitants. With politically set goals to grow by approximately 60% (140 000 inhabitants) by 2050 the City is facing challenges with energy management and want to develop new solutions together with external partners.
15/01/2019 Odit-e France Expertise Request Big data solutions for energy (DT-ICT-11-2019) F&T portal
Odit-e develops disruptive software dedicated to low voltage network operation, maintenance, asset management and planning. We provide data-driven insights to utilities who must face energy transition. We are part of a consortium for this call and we are looking for:
- Another utility who wants to improve its use of data on multiple aspects such as operational or consumer-centered apps and through large-scale pilot
- A company who performs the integration of third party application through APIs
08/11/2018 AYUNTAMIENTO DE QUART DE POBLET Spain Expertise Request Digital Platforms/Pilots Horizontal Activities (DT-ICT-13-2019) F&T portal
Our organisation represents the municipality of Quart de Poblet. The town is located in the metropolitan area of Valencia, Spain, and is the hometown of more than 24.000 citizens. In the last 15 years, the Ajuntament of Quart de Poblet has been working on more than 40 EU funds projects, including several Erasmus+ projects K1, K2, K3, ERDF for mobility, Interreg and Horizon2020. We are interested to be pilot projects or to participate with our departments.
[email protected]
27/12/2019 DOMINA SRL Italy Expertise Request Curation of digital assets and advanced digitisation (DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-12-2018-2020) F&T portal
Domina is a company formed by consultants and software developers, specialized in the design, development and implementation of ICT systems and web server architectures.
We are looking for a project coordinator with a strong expertise in the field of AI for Cultural Heritage, directly linked to the machine learning applications for semantic comprehension of trans media digital contents. Our project focus is referred to the industrial heritage. Contact: [email protected]
01/03/2019 Center of mechatronic and autonomous system, Tallinn University of Technology Estonia Expertise Request Building blocks for resilience in evolving ICT systems (SU-ICT-02-2020) F&T portal
Center of Mechatronic and Autonomous System in Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, has 16 full-time staffs including 2 professors, 6 researchers, 4 PhD students, 2 engineers, and 2 admin staffs. We have five (5) state-of-the-art laboratories including Machine Vision, Robotics Control, Mechatronics Systems and Industrial Robotics. Every year we have 30 international master mechatronic students enrollment. We have conducted 40 research projects and published hundreds of research papers.
05/03/2019 JOTNE EPM TECHNOLOGY AS Norway Expertise Request Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories (DT-ICT-07-2018-2019) F&T portal
Request: Interested in meeting team members from Industrial organizations that aim to collaborate for next generation of solutions for Digital transformations.
Offer: Jotne supports complex PLM/CM/ILS Aeronautics, Space and Defence programs like Eurofighter, F-35 and ESA programs and are interested to exploit this knowledge.
Offer: Within Open BIM applications Jotne supports large scale enterprise solutions like Hospitals and Airports incl. software vendors for the Built environments.
13/11/2018 ISTANBUL TEKNIK UNIVERSITESI Turkey Expertise Request Materials, manufacturing processes and devices for organic and large area electronics (IA) (DT-NMBP-18-2019) F&T portal
Istanbul Technical University is the leading research university in Turkey.Our multidisciplinary research group has received H2020 fundings,capable of synthesizing silver nanowires, developed 100% stretchable conductive yarn that can be woven into breathable and washable textiles.We're eager to join/build a consortium about this call to further develop flexible, wearable electronics and smart textiles. To discuss partnership prospects, please contact Dr. Alper Gurarslan at [email protected]
13/03/2019 COGVIS SOFTWARE UND CONSULTING GMBH Austria Expertise Request Large Scale pilots of personalised & outcome based integrated care (SC1-DTH-11-2019) F&T portal
# Our customers: care facilities, Industry, AAL, Robotics, OEMs

# Our solution: human behavior detection, e.g. outsourcing patient monitoring to our DIGITAL NURSE

# Technology: AI powered 3D sensor (1 per room) with integrated visual analytics and a cloud platform.

# Offer: experts for human behavior modeling and research grants.
28/09/2018 Medi Care Società Cooperativa Sociale Italy Expertise Request Smart and healthy living at home (DT-TDS-01-2019) F&T portal
Medi Care offers a working group able to face complexities/difficulties by having a profound and validated knowledge of the problems related to health/social care. Since 1991, Medi Care has worked in home care for the elderly/disabled/minors and integrated health care services for the terminally ill, in partnership with Sicilian municipalities and Health Authorities. We also manage residential centers for elderly/disabled, rehabilitation centers, medical polyclinics and telemedicine services.
26/03/2019 NanoVation-GS Israel Expertise Request Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) (EIC-FTI-2018-2020) F&T portal
We are developing respiratory monitoring solutions and integrate nanomaterial-based sensors for medical applications and general purposes. We lead and participated in several EU and non-EU projects, one of which awarded the 2018 Innovation Award by the European Commission. Looking to partner with a software company capable of developing and integrate a cloud-based and web-enabled platform for data analysis and interface with our remote respiratory monitoring device.
29/01/2019 The medical-improving centre "Elbrus" Ukraine Expertise Request SME instrument (EIC-SMEINST-2018-2020) F&T portal
Technology : "Improving of the health with the help of hypoxic therapy with hyperoxic and hypercapnic impact". She designed for continue the healthy aging, to improve work capacity and endurance of the people. 8 of our inventions. Developed installations for implementing this technology. The European Commission awarded us a high Reference Site status and presented an award in the field of active and healthy aging. Technology is included in the depository of the best European practices.
08/09/2018 FAStrust AB Sweden Expertise Request SME instrument (EIC-SMEINST-2018-2020) F&T portal
We are registered on Sweden, and work with Business Innovation, Strategic Partnership and Consulting. We design and develop digital solutions that improve consumer choice and solve social problems. We also offer strategic advisory and consulting services to NGO's looking to build capacity with project application, project reporting and entrepreneurship. Do you work with software and product design? Partner with us to develop an e-receipting solution for the EU and beyond.
18/06/2019 BMB GROUP Poland Expertise Request FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking (FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal

BMB GROUP is a Polish private company created by people who studied at the Faculty of Thermal Machinery at the West Pomeranian University of Technology. The goal is to build a "100 MW mobile portable Float prototype for ammonia". This plant is to be equipped with a unit that will dig a water channel in Africa.
03/07/2019 Amirkabir University of Technology Iran Expertise Request Enabling next-generation of smart energy services valorising energy efficiency and flexibility at demand-side as energy resource (LC-SC3-EE-13-2018-2019-2020) F&T portal
The Electrical Engineering Department is the biggest department of AUT and has more than 650 Master’s and Ph.D. students. The power engineering group of this department with 14 professors has been selected as a Center of excellence on power systems in Iran since 2001. This department also has a research center (Iran Grid Secure Operation Research Center). One of the main projects, which is active now, is “Iran Smart Grid and Pilot Project Implementation.”