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10/04/2018 NQUIRINGMINDS LTD UK Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
NquiringMinds are experts in AI powered analytics, Cyber Security and Internet of Things. We have active customers in SmartCities, Health and Social Care, Industry/Manufacturing, Agritech and Defence Examples: MoD, NHS, Many Uk Cities, Indian Government. We have won many international awards for our work.
Our core products include, data sharing, data analytics and IOT edge processing platforms. We have both led and partnered EU and UK innovation projects and actively embrace collaboration.
05/04/2018 HOCHSCHULE DER MEDIEN Germany Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
The Responsive Media Experience research group at Stuttgart Media University conducts research, development and validation of novel user interaction patterns (including AR/VR) that are engaging and inclusive for everyone, including older people and people with disabilities (accessibility is often required by law in Europe). Our GPII-based open-source personalisation framework OpenAPE provides a standards-compliant way of encoding user preferences across applications and platforms.
03/04/2018 Telesens IT Ukraine Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
SME with more than 20 years experience in enterprise level software development. Our main business domain is telecommunications, but now we are looking for new prospects in IoT area. Telesens developed secure end-to-end messaging platform and are looking for opportunities to find partners for integration of this solution to full stack IoT product or to join consortium for development of innovative secure solutions/products.
02/04/2018 SYNYO GmbH Austria Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
SYNYO is a reliable partner for your project with profound experience in H2020. As a SME located in Austria, we are focusing on research, innovation and technology. Our interdisciplinary team consisting of engineers, technologists, software developers, UX designers, and creatives is ready to deliver high-impact results to tackle the core challenges of our time. We are also skilled in coordinating strong consortia, research communication, dissemination, and exploitation.
[email protected]
21/03/2018 Checkmarx Ltd. Israel Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
Checkmarx is a provider of application security testing platforms which empower organizations to develop more secure software applications. Our flagship technology is the CXSAST Static Application Security Testing Platform (see attached), which enables companies to include application security as a part of their SDLC, and as a part of their DevSecOps practices. We also offer other solutions focusing on open source security analysis, secured development training and more.
Expert in smart sensing and actuation,wireless communication,electronic design and firmware(eg Agrisensact, FP7-SME-2013-606575);Strong knowledge on IoT SoA;We've participated on a CSA (DOROTHY-FP7-REGIONS-CSA-319918) with similar implementation structure to achieve this topic impacts,therefore we're valuable due to our close involvement with base-tech companies aiming internationalization (from IPN Accelerator) willing to join IoT cluster.
14/03/2018 GOODPROJECT France Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
The point of view of start-ups is important to include in this CSA. YouSense is an IoT start-up which develops an IoT sensor (device + portal + local network + app) to monitor air pollution for the citizens in the context of a more human centric internet. YouSense (Italy) is a start-up supported by GOODPROJECT (France), has benefited from a H2020 funding for the proof of concept.
02/03/2018 Fundación COMPUTAEX Spain Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
COMPUTAEX is a non-profit foundation which operates CénitS which promotes HPC services and advanced communications through LUSITANIA 2 supercomputer. Having participated in more than 100 R&I projects, COMPUTAEX has experience on the designing, developing and validation of prototypes on multiple ecosystems which are compound of electronic devices which are interconnected with our infrastructure. For further information check S4i and RUMIMETA projects.
21/02/2018 OZYEGIN UNIVERSITESI Turkey Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
EVATEG Center for Energy Efficient Electronics and Lighting Technologies at OzU performs cutting-edge research driven modeling, prototyping and validation, transferring multidisciplinary technology as well as demonstration of game changing SSL and electronics technologies. Some of areas of expertise
• Advanced modeling
• Measurement systems (Lumen, CRI, CCT, light distribution etc)
• Lighting systems design& optimization
• Technology development&applications (Microfluidics, heat sinks etc)
13/02/2018 FUNDACION PUBLICA ANDALUZA PARA LA INVESTIGACION DE MALAGA EN BIOMEDICINA Y SALUD Spain Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
FIMABIS is the managing foundation of Servicio Andaluz de Salud-SAS (Andalusian Health Service), which is really the beneficiary in H2020 projects and we act as third party. The SAS has a network of integrated care services distributed throughout Andalusia of 9 million of population , including 1,491 Primary Care Centres and 29 hospitals. This is the profile of SAS:
08/02/2018 INTERCONSULT BULGARIA OOD Bulgaria Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
ICB has established itself as a leading provider of innovative software solutions in the fields of industrial engineering, maritime, banking and financial services and information technologies. We have more than 130 experienced professionals in staff today specialized in the areas of Industrial IoT, software architecture design, software development, quality assurance, 3D modeling and design, Virtual Reality, Artificial inteligenceI; Quality Assurance;
02/02/2018 TERRACOM AE Greece Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
Terracom is an innovative SME with long expertise in software development for the physical security domain like QR-Patrol ( which is one of the top guard-tour systems globally. QR-Patrol is funded by SME Instrument Phase 2 (H2020), is the 1st guard tour system that integrates IoT technologies, and today has more than 750 customers in 66 countries. We have a great knowledge of real-time critical incident management systems and IoT applications.
31/01/2018 SentryCom Israel Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
SentryCom is developing Sentrycs Multi-Factor Identification-as-a-Service , including Sentrycs for Mobile Apps and Sentrycs for Web Apps. SentryCom is also developing Sentrycs Data -Identity-based, Key-Management SaaS, enabling Data Privacy and Data Integrity. Leveraging Sentrycs and Sentrycs Data – we have filed for a patent for scalable and secured application of Blockchain. introducing the first, secure-by-design, mission-critical, Internet platform .
31/01/2018 SENSICHIPS SRL Italy Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
Sensichips has developed a next generation IoT smart sensors platform. It integrates into a single chip of 1.6x1.6mm a comprehensive analytical tool inclusive of Wideband Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy with Lock-In Amplifier (from milliHertz to 1.5MHz), an electrochemical Potentiostat with up to 16 heterogeneous (nano) materials based sensors and CMOS sensors. The chip can be deployed into "Smart Cables" for high density distribution. See video at
31/01/2018 INBOUNDMUSE LTD Malta Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
"InboundMuse is a Maltese SME with long R&D background, and is very strong in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and DataScience. We look to collaborate on innovative solutions, having experience in RegTech, HealthTech & MarTech industries. InboundMuse is itself an SMEI beneficiary 2016 & interested in joining the consortium with the role of innovation/technical lead.
24/01/2018 SPARKS & CO France Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
Sparks & Co is an internationally recognised and award-winning agency specialised in communication and dissemination for EU projects. With Impact comprising at least 1/3 of the projects evaluation including Sparks & Co in your consortium can get you that extra boost that your project needs to win. We create impact for your project, so get in touch if you want to include an innovative and tailored communication and dissemination strategy to your project!
We are a technology centre with the best facilities for footwear sector in the North of Spain, and over 100 associated companies and 80% of them are footwear manufacturers or dealers. Our ICT department is expertise in RFID, augmented reality, 3D, genetic algorithms, artificial vision, virtual reality and APP&web development, so we offer our experience in technical tasks, end-use cases and dissemination activities.
16/01/2018 EUROKLEIS SRL Italy Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
Eurokleis is an Italian SME with a strong research and academic background. Eurokleis has a multidisciplinary team with a long-time experience in innovation management, technology transfer, IPR management, dissemination, impact evaluation and maximization. Eurokleis is interested in joining the consortium with the role of innovation/exploitation/dissemination manager. Metrics and surveys are also our core competences. See Eurokleis experience at
31/12/2017 ADAPTANT SOLUTIONS AG Germany Expertise Offer Internet of Things (ICT-27-2018-2020) F&T portal
We are an SME focused on generating end-user trust and respect for privacy in all our public, commercial and research activities. We are interested in participating in this CSA call to support strategies for human-centered and ethical IoT. We would contribute to coordination and support activities through our industry and SME-strong network influence and via our activities in various cPPPs and contributions to policy consultations and workshops.