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18/03/2019 SCALE Nanotech OÜ Estonia Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
SCALE Nanotech is a digital SME that provides R&D and consulting services. Innovative projects and consortia will benefit from our nanotechnology solutions including knowledge of 2D materials (graphene, hBN, TMDs), devices (MEMS, sensors, displays), instruments (sensors, lasers, electronics) and extreme environments (high-vacuum, cryogenics, microgravity). We offer our expertise by means of simulations, in-situ fabrication, experiment realization, project management and business development.
11/03/2019 Notitia Croatia Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
We have specialized in providing advisory services and expertise in various fields – R&D&I; strategic planning; monitoring and evaluation of policy, indicators and projects; design and implementation of education seminars; developing strategies, action plans, operative plans, cost-benefit analysis, feasibility studies, project proposals and other strategic documents; regional integrations; macroeconomics; sustainable development. Contact us for more information - [email protected]
08/03/2019 ETHICAL & LEGAL PLUS SL Spain Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
Our expertise consists on providing Legal & Ethical design throughout the entire project. We understand that R+D projects face highly complex and changing legal and ethical ecosystems. Their success depends on knowing how to make decisions and what to choose to make our Project suitable for the conditions of your environment. Our ELI MODEL: R+D based on Ethical and Legal Intelligence, aims to monitor the Ethical and Legal implications that appear and develop throughout all phases of the project
27/02/2019 L'UREDERRA, FUNDACION PARA EL DESARROLLO TECNOLOGICO Y SOCIAL Spain Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
Lurederra, expert in design and production of nanoparticles such as compositions for spintronics (Dilute Magnetic Oxides). We are able to produce a large range of nanomaterials from lab-scale to industrial scale of kg/h. Some example of compositions for nanoelectronics are semiconductors such as ZnO, TiO2 or SnO2 doped with transition metals to provide ferromagnetism such as V, Cr, Fe, Co or Ni. Also nanoparticles for inks, TCOs, ferrites, etc. Contact: [email protected]

20/01/2019 SENSICHIPS SRL Italy Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
SENSICHIPS has developed a microelectronics platform for multi and orthogonal sensors integration onto a single chip of 2x2mm and 1,2mW power consumption. The chip for the first time integrates precision analytical tools such Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy, Lock-In Amplifier and Potentiostat with a Temperature, Humidity and Toxic chemicals detection into a single chip. Materials deposition and 3D integration are all of interest for the development of complete sensing microsystems.
13/01/2019 Association for Sustainable Innovative Developments in Economics, Environment and Society Austria Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
ASIDEES studies & offers unique knowledge for innovation, systems modelling and application prototyping as strong and reliable consortium partner, supporting whole project cycle from concept formulation/ proposal writing to implementation IoT/ICT mob.apps effectively demonstrating pilot results.
Our lead success in H2020 Smart Urbana, Smart Pedestrian Nets projects by novel AI-driven digital transformation, monitoring, analytics enhances diverse RDI academic and commercial projects
13/01/2019 IMC- INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SLOVAKIA, S.R.O. Slovakia Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
IMC.SK supports consortiums by rapid implementation of research models as digital twins linking physical and virtual worlds with software programming & integration & IoT, cloud, web, mobile apps, RaspberryPIs in TRL 4-7 prototypes for demonstration, evaluation of RDI results in different areas. It lets holistic monitoring of sustainability, real time precision measurements, analytics, prediction and control for smart management of apps.
08/01/2019 INTERSPREAD GMBH Austria Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
INTERSPREAD is an experienced dissemination, exploitation and communication partner for your project. Following the DEC guidelines provided by the EC, our creatives provide recognisable project identities, leaflets and individual print materials, as well as project websites and digital designs for your social media channels thus maximising your projects’ impact. Awareness hubs, interactive platforms or customised web solutions are also implemented by our skilled developers. [email protected]
23/11/2018 GOLEM - Gesellschaft fuer integrierte mikroelektronische Komplettloesungen Gesellschaft m.b.H. Austria Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
GOLEM.AT, Austria offers cutting-edge RDI in AI-driven IoT digital transformation for the most ambitious projects. Our constructive quality inputs are from concept to reliable innovation prototypes integrating physical & virtual worlds, exploring new unified solutions for monitoring, analytics and controls of big systems, addressing the objectives, scope, communications, dissemination, exploitation TRL 4-7 demo prototypes in pilots for excellent high-impact results in RIA,IA,CSA projects.
22/11/2018 REDKNIGHT CONSULTANCY LTD UK Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
RedKnight supports organisations with applying for grants and funding for research and innovation. Since 2015, RedKnight has secured its clients over £4.7m to help develop their innovative products, processes and services. We achieve our aim by offering a range of services, including; expert bid-writing and proposal development, staff development training, project management, review and evaluation. To find out more, visit:
18/11/2018 ISTANBUL AVRUPA ARASTIRMALARI DERNEGI Turkey Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
İstanbul Avrupa Araştırmaları Derneği (IAAD) is motivated to join a consortium and contribute to EU. IAAD is a not for profit research body in Istanbul (Turkey), at the interface between the scientific field, the civil society and a series of EU societal challenges. IAAD received the solid trust of more than 51 bodies all over Europe resulting in 8 approved projects (2017-2018). NB: this platform does not show IAAD's 8 on-going EU projects. Contact: [email protected]
16/10/2018 ASSOCIATION FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF TRADE BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY ENTERPRISES Bulgaria Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
NEST Association comprises a large number of Bulgarian SMEs and we bridge the gap between SMEs and Bulgarian city administrations, working everyday with our members and local and regional authorities. As an experienced and reliable EU partner, we would like to join consortia and contribute for the successful development of an EU proposal. Looking forward to your enquiries at [email protected]

05/09/2018 The Shadow Robot Company España, S.L.U. Spain Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
Shadow ( is a robotics technology development SME established in 1997. We design & build hands for robots and develop advanced manipulation technologies. Our Dexterous Hand, most advanced commercial robotic hand, offers the full movement capability of the human hand. We are developing a “Smart Grasping” capability- intelligent grasper for manufacturing and industrial purposes- based on technologies behind the Dexterous Hand. We have a successful history as EU project partner
27/08/2018 HUGIN AND MUNIN GLOBAL S.L. Spain Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
Hugin and Munin is a Communications and Design Agency based in Madrid which has a wealth of experience working for EU entrepreneurship projects (H2020) and non-governmental organizations. It provides services such as marketing, branding, online and offline communication, event organisation, graphics, social media communication, website design, campaigns, video editing among others.
Expert in internal and external communication and is able to manage the project communication and dissemination.
We are a technology centre with the best facilities for footwear sector in the North of Spain, and over 100 associated companies and 80% of them are footwear manufacturers or dealers. We have expertise in the integration of electronic devices and the development of wearables for footwear, so we offer our experience in technical tasks, end-use cases and dissemination activities.
25/07/2018 Startupmanufactory LTD UK Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
Consultancy with a focus on Start-up & SME Consulting, Entrepreneurship Training, and Private Sector Development. Regular conference speaking and EU-wide project experience across the private and the public sector in the following areas:

- Blockchain & Smart Contract consulting and use case training
- Entrepreneurship training and programme development
- Start-up ecosystem monitoring and evaluations
- Start-up & SME consulting
16/07/2018 GRANT GARANT SRO Czech Republic Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
With over 175 successfully submitted intl R&I proposals and support of over 150 EU-funded projects, GRANT Garant has a substantial network of partners in the CE region and expertise in these relevant areas: dissemination & communication of research results, EU policy analysis, technology transfer & commercialization, innovation mgt & IPR advisory incl. patenting strategy, research mgt capacity building & intl networking support, proposal development, Structural Funds implem. & programme eval.
11/07/2018 INTRASPEC TECHNOLOGIES France Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
Intraspec offer custom solutions in reliability and failure analysis for electronic technologies from semiconductor to system. Employing state of the art expertise and equipment (SEM, FIB, optical microscope etc) we are able to tackle your most challenging reliabiilty issues.
09/06/2018 LOGIX EDUCATION CENTER S.R.O Czech Republic Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
Logix Education Center s.r.o is an innovative tech company, specializing in Digital Learning and Educational Technology. Our mission is to develop breakthrough technologies that transform learning experiences and make education available to everyone, everywhere, at any time.
Open Educational Resources | E-learning Platforms | Mobile & Web Apps | Serious Games | Animation & Audiovisual |----
10/05/2018 HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING SRL Romania Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
Haptic company can be one of your business partner as consultant and trading one.
02/04/2018 SYNYO GmbH Austria Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
SYNYO is a reliable partner for your project with profound experience in H2020. As a SME located in Austria, we are focusing on research, innovation and technology. Our interdisciplinary team consisting of engineers, technologists, software developers, UX designers, and creatives is ready to deliver high-impact results to tackle the core challenges of our time. We are also skilled in coordinating strong consortia, research communication, dissemination, and exploitation.
[email protected]
21/02/2018 OZYEGIN UNIVERSITESI Turkey Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
EVATEG Center for Energy Efficient Electronics and Lighting Technologies at OzU performs cutting-edge research driven modeling, prototyping and validation, transferring multidisciplinary technology as well as demonstration of game changing SSL and electronics technologies. Some of areas of expertise
• Advanced modeling
• Measurement systems (Lumen, CRI, CCT, light distribution etc)
• Lighting systems design& optimization
• Technology development&applications (Microfluidics, heat sinks etc)
22/01/2018 KEMIJSKI INSTITUT Slovenia Expertise Offer Unconventional Nanoelectronics (ICT-06-2019) F&T portal
Expertise with proteins of nano-sized structures. Protein transmembrane pores, virus-like particles: cloning, expression, purification. Biochemical, biophysical, structural characterization. Characterization of interactions between proteins and lipids, organic or inorganic molecules, various model membrane systems, natural & synthetic. Cell biology. Protein & membrane engineering, synthetic biology. Development of sensors, (drug) delivery systems, DNA/protein sequencing, catalysts, batteries.