How to get the most out of ICT Proposers' Day 2019

Information Days and Proposers' Days are often big affairs. So it is best if you are prepared to get the most out of them. Generally there are sessions where a Commission project officer explains a topic. At times this explanation is little more than a repeat of what is in the work programme, at other times it is a wealth of information. Whatever the case, their answers to questions from the audience can be insightful and worth the time it takes to attend. Often you will be able to quickly present either your project idea or your expertise to the audience. There also might be brokerage events where you can meet potential partners, exhibitions where you can see funded projects and there are always social events such as lunches.

  1. Have a plan

What is it you want out of the event? This you should have firmly in your mind.

You can choose one or all of the suggestions below:

All require that you develop a plan so that you do not walk away empty handed.

  1. Do things in advance

In order to alleviate stress it is always a good idea to prepare in advance. Prepare for attendance like you are preparing for whatever makes you nervous, an exam, meeting, proposal, request for a raise.

  1. Have something to say
  1. Have an elevator pitch
  1. Have something to hand out
  1. Do your homework. Also known as due diligence
  1. Follow up

If you are marketing your expertise then it is even more important to restate what you can do and why you are the best possible solution.

The FINAL but important note:

Don’t be afraid to deviate from your plan. It sometimes happens that sessions that seemed to promise a lot turn out to be irrelevant, tedious or just not what you had expected (sometimes Commission people don’t do their homework).  In such cases:  go to another session, or go “network” somewhere else.

Networking is about building relations, and can take some time before you can benefit from these connections to form winning proposals. GOOD LUCK!

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